Torrent of Hatred

by Blood Torrent

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released December 27, 2012



all rights reserved


Blood Torrent Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany

BLOOD TORRENT was founded back in the year of 2005 by H.A.V.O.C.(Vocals/Guitar) and RAPE(Drums) in Schwäbisch Gmünd(not far from Stuttgart). Between the Years RAPE split up and the Band grew up to a 5 member Band with H.A.V.O.C. (Vocals), Erebos#14 (Guitar), Jazariel (Bass), Geyst (Guitar) and Grandur (Drums). Blood Torrent plays no-compromise-Black´n Roll with experimental influences. ... more

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Track Name: Torrent of Hatred
Blurred air on melting tar, the smell of human being
Oxidated persperation, dampness and heat
My instict leads me into the forest
These journey of a mindful reveal
A resting of a spiritual deconstruction
I return to the civilization. . .

And I remember. . .

Here lies my hate when
the trees are burning
(and the cradle stops)
My mind calls me shall
stop these evolution,
of a filthy, apparant higher power
in overdeveloped human being
(at war between gods, “religion”)

The spend of a time in a mindless society
I despise these people, in a way i can not verbally express

A cancer in the face of this planet

Track Name: Madness Prevails
The smokescreen is falling
rolling machineries
killtechs with diabolic elements
thousands of people in front one gait
masses in timing move(ment)
no common thought no faces

people put pretend onself
to their own resignation
wich timeless acting
to submit to fate
a nova in mind
but history repeats itself
let the machines move on

we run on shuffling madness
we run on slavery of mind
to keep my shell alive

for hate teached me to breath!!!

and i see no last salvation come
for the strenght erasers
extraordinary fate
Track Name: L.C.U.
Welcome fools to your inconvenient truth
It´s like a sight seeing in tragedy
Filled with foolish pride that blinds you
guarding a weak defective scaffold

ignorant Scapegoats in formation
Crooked gifted invitation of glory
Trapped within your own apathy
Spewing delusion into reality

They will never understand
Why we fight, why we will never rest
Glory and Strenght Victory or Death
A new life shall begin

Liberate – them from thier foolish pride
Cleanse – this world with flames
Unite – the soldiers of the new era

Soldiers come out of the earth
Cleanse this (failing) moribund community
burn asthenic lambencies
A suicided old school master
This is the end of thier road of sin
They have travelled in debility

Now we are better than all ignoramus
The Climax of this construction
Because we are stronger, we believe in the glory
Now we spit in the face of the weak

. . . Blow away the ashes of the old era

We remedy the new century
Track Name: Knives and Spikes
Look around and realize
the mob turns back
no one stands yet behind you
protect the machines
wich saves your life

it´s a development
you can´t stop
believe it ´cause
your hands are sawed off
you can just listen to the instruments
of de-evolution

I already hear the sirens
they announce your upcoming setting
a scream starts a new order

This is the rise of knives and spikes
with slipping tongues
twist sounding blades
the bleak of you
blood dogs are chasing you
euphoria when the bomb falls
blood pressure emotional highgrades
(with slipping tongues)

those who strikes death on you
symphonies in detonations
uniformed in black leather
subversionists of the own nature
your death let´s my blood boil

(submit to your own creations
and appease your hunger
for evolution!)
Track Name: And it marches ahead
He lies his hoof on my forehead
and laughs with a cynical smile
crush my iron lungs
and preserve the night by his own
I breath fire,
do me submit to the master control
sardonic paths a figure of pureness
inflaming of frozen blood
by morbid operas

And it marches ahead
to the end of it all
immidiate bootsteps
down the manifestation
for the eve of self-destruction
and it marches ahead
controlled by the second in silence
on to inner mental death

I shall die in pain
and raise the fist for my mind
I gallop the path
electric irrigates under mental insight
ride!!! I hold the sign and keep the fist
´gainst you all
death, now hold on my knife
and step on my knees to my blade
Track Name: Anæmic
Downpour of massive resistance
not covered behind a mask of sympathy for peace
explicit expression of intolerance
for this selfmade digital life
your bleak forgotten future
And no white horse appears
when it´s getting bright!

There are no civillians
in this kind of war
dead cultures and rising principles

cold ages of supressed instincts
to colorless shapes, in colored surroundings
life overload in this moved times
the opposition of intelligence

World eaten by parasites
(so) I´m anaemic
swallowed burden with my life
I´m anaemic
restoring the fabric of the soul
(I´m anaemic)

when a world is flesh on teeth of the dogs
innocent rapers of the parasital spreading
fervent condemption for this social ritual
and mechanic acts to call the disease

lifeless, I have made my bed in the darkness

my world is not unaffected
to being part of the great movement
and fighting for the dirt
is jehovas rise